Ready, Set, Go!

Now, I believe that I’m ready to really get started on this!

First of all I’d like to ask if anyone is reading my posts, and if so. What do you think I could do different?

Next, I’d like to dedicate this post to my first ever real OOTD.Levi’s 519 jeans, Levi’s cable knit, Alternative to the sixpence, Alternative for the boots.

Today I’m wearing a pair of black 519 (extreme skinny) Levi’s jeans, and a nice warm navy cable knit jumper. I decided to go with a black cashmere and wool sixpence from City Sport, to complete the outfit. When it comes to shoes, I went for my alltime favorite boots from Selected.

Please leave a comment on what you think of this outfit.

Yours truly

The Textile Pusher


Author: Alex Saarikivi

I'm a 20 year old guy from Vejle, Denmark and I work in a Levi's store

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