This Sucks!

I have a day off again today, before things go down at Black Friday tomorrow. And it seems that I might be getting sick! This sucks! This sucks big time! I’ll be spending my day off in bed with loads of tea, Netflix and the covers pulled up under my ears! Hopefully I’ll be better during the day, so that I’ll be ready for tomorrow. We’ll see…

Anyway, this means that there won’t be much going on here today. I believe this will be the only post for the day… 

But I do have a question for you guys! What do you like to do, when you’re sick? And do you have any suggestions for what to watch on Netflix? 


The Textile Pusher


Author: Alex Saarikivi

I'm a 20 year old guy from Vejle, Denmark and I work in a Levi's store

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