This Sucks!

I have a day off again today, before things go down at Black Friday tomorrow. And it seems that I might be getting sick! This sucks! This sucks big time! I’ll be spending my day off in bed with loads of tea, Netflix and the covers pulled up under my ears! Hopefully I’ll be better during the day, so that I’ll be ready for tomorrow. We’ll see…

Anyway, this means that there won’t be much going on here today. I believe this will be the only post for the day… 

But I do have a question for you guys! What do you like to do, when you’re sick? And do you have any suggestions for what to watch on Netflix? 


The Textile Pusher


Ready, Set, Go!

Now, I believe that I’m ready to really get started on this!

First of all I’d like to ask if anyone is reading my posts, and if so. What do you think I could do different?

Next, I’d like to dedicate this post to my first ever real OOTD.Levi’s 519 jeans, Levi’s cable knit, Alternative to the sixpence, Alternative for the boots.

Today I’m wearing a pair of black 519 (extreme skinny) Levi’s jeans, and a nice warm navy cable knit jumper. I decided to go with a black cashmere and wool sixpence from City Sport, to complete the outfit. When it comes to shoes, I went for my alltime favorite boots from Selected.

Please leave a comment on what you think of this outfit.

Yours truly

The Textile Pusher

Plans Can Change…

Well… plans can change.

When I woke up this morning, I was looking forward to a relaxing day off. But something came in the way. Not that I’m going to share it here, I’m not a fan of drama. 

Anyway… my day off with the mrs. to be, became a day off at my mums place. Not that I’m complaining. I love spending time with my family. So here I sit on the couch at my mums, watching Netflix and waiting for something to eat. I love my mum!

I know that this post isn’t that much about fashion, but it sure is about a day in the life of a textile pusher.

Tomorrow I’ll be back on the job. Ready to really begin my blogging journey. Ready to start blogging about what really matters! Fashion!


The Textile Pusher

A Much Needed Day Off…

I’ve been working quite some hours every day the last few weeks, besides a sunday here and there. So I’m really looking forward to spend the day off with my lovely fiancé. We haven’t really made any plans yet, but I guess that we’ll just take it as it comes. Perhaps a cup of coffee at the local coffeeshop, or maybe a bite to eat? A good long walk is also a great way to just enjoy eachothers company.

Anyways, just spending the day with her is much needed.

I’ll probably be posting some pictures both here and on Instagram during the day, so that you guys can “keep up”.


The Textile Pusher

And… We’re Live!

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So here I am. Sitting in my couch at half past 2 in the morning. Writing my first ever blogpost.

As the title indicates, this blog is about the life of a textile “pusher” so to say. More specific, me.

I’ll have to be honest and tell you upfront, that I might not be the greatest one with words (don’t come running later, saying I didn’t warn you). But I’ll give it a shot.

First of all, I’d like to introduce myself. My name is Alexander Saarikivi, I’m a 20 year old guy from a rather small town in Denmark, called Vejle. I live with my beautiful fiancé Emma, in a two bedroom apartment and as you may have already guessed, I work fulltime in a clothing store (Levi’s, to be more exact).

This blog is sort of a way for me to let off some steam, after a long days work. And I hope that it’ll fall  in your taste.

So I hope that you’ll all find it just a tad entertaining and read on.


The Textile Pusher