Vintage Folk

Vintage Folk

PT01 Pantaloni Torino mens cropped pants
1.320 DKK –

Topman mens brown vest
130 DKK –

Mens long sleeve shirt
195 DKK –

Mens fitted hat
345 DKK –


Urban Cowboy

Urban Cowboy

Levi’s mens skinny jeans
725 DKK –

Levi s mens blue jean jacket
610 DKK –

Dr. Martens mens black shoes
970 DKK –

Levi s mens long sleeve shirt
470 DKK –

Brixton mens fedora hat
475 DKK –

North Sea Clothing leather belt
720 DKK –

Ray Ban ray ban mens eyeglass
1.110 DKK –

Have I told you?

I don’t remember mentioning that I play in a band. Well I do! And we’re out playing tonight!

Well it wasn’t enough with a long day at work from 9AM till 8PM. Now it’s also a gig from 9PM till midnight! Aaand… I’ll probably end up drinking a lot down town afterwards!

For those of you who didn’t know… It’s a tough life being a textile pusher…

Well… at least the way I do it!

Tonight’s stage, ready to be taken down! Because it ain’t going to be quiet!

Yours truly

The Textile Pusher